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Nero - Satisfy.

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anarchy blues.


    green eyes actually rolled to the side like kristen was truly contemplating what nicole had just said to her. arms crossed over her chest - duh. they need sleep! there was a smile, then a nod. for a fraction of a second there, kristen did look like the younger version of herself. when she actually used to listento nicole like the older woman had every single one of the answers in the world. at the time - kristen wasn’t nearly as reckless as she was now. even more so in this hell of a world they were thrust into. 


     head tilted and arms slowly uncrossed. an almost reminiscent smile appeared on features. ah - same thought process. kristen certainly took the invitation, arms wrapping loosely around nicole’s neck. if that was anyone else, they should have been extremely worried. kristen durus was pissed enough to literally crack necks - but not this time. she was soft enough for the gesture to be caring. of course nicole was the only individual she’d trust with her life. the assassin crawled on nicole’s back, hopping.  ’ giddy-up. ‘

     lips hovered right next tot her counterpart’s ear.   ' you're going to be my best friend forever, nicole. '   look at that. kristen didn’t even realize the same memory was playing in nicole’s head. for a woman who can barely remember how she got up this morning, each and every memory in a place that resembles purgatory was crystal clear. maybe she’s just stuck in the past. it’s probably the alcohol. although - she did climb out of bed without nicole. she’s positive if it was the older woman that woke her up   —   she’d remember the morning. 

      it would have been worth it, then. 

   —- No resisting the smile that spread across Nicole’s face; not that she wanted to anyway. The words whispered in her ear, just as the familiar warmth spread through her again from the body pressing close into her back - it was home. Always had been, when she was ripped away from her broken family. Despite the tragedy of the man in black kidnapping her, she did gain something meaningful out of it all.

                   “And forever?”
                          "For all eternity, Kris."


    Once she was certain Kristen had a good hold on her, she stood up and hooked her arms under the thighs by her sides. Her hands tucked into the pockets of her jeans as her boot-clad feet picked up into a casual stroll. Any look they may get in their direction were ignored, all that mattered right now was Kristen. Not that there were many people out anyway, everyone’s pretty much asleep. Such a precious word isn’t it, sleep. It sadly spares no mercy for Nicole. Not that it ever has in the past, a hundred years ago. Ancient women walking here.

            “You know, I just realized… we look pretty damn good for our actual age.” A small smirk tugged at her lips as she turned the corner instead of going back the way she came. Taking the long way sounded good, just because she wanted a walk right now.

      “Especially you.” She pulled a hand out of her pocket to give a squeeze at Kristen’s thigh. Kristen’s always beautiful to her, because she sees the real Kristen - whereas everyone else except Taylor gets a taste of the bitter cold. When they eventually reached their room, it felt like they had went back there too soon. Only if they could take a walk outside of the city. Nicole had always desired to take a long walk to think things out sometimes, but she couldn’t do so often because of the lurking dangers that could be waiting right around the corner. Goddamn Pandora. She used her foot to shut the door behind them, after she stepped in the room and carried Kristen over to the bed. Not sure if the blonde had fallen sleep or not, she was still gentle either way when she set the younger woman down on the bed.

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Title: Addicted
Artist: Saving Abel
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   the eye contact, when it wasn’t initiated by kristen, could only be held for a few seconds - but this time the blonde was genuinely distracted. incredibly worn, green eyes had fallen to gaze on nicole’s movements. they seemed more curious then much of anything else — at first. that is until she realized where those strong hands were moving. kristen’s jaw locked, because she was dangerously close to letting out a gasp that probably would have been incredibly girly and far from the gladiator. so much for pushing her hair out of her eyes. when kristen’s eyes darted back to nicole’s, blonde hair had just fallen slightly in front of her vision. for looking quite messy, it’s probably the bestshe has ever looked in all her ears. there was a certain glow to usually just pale cheeks. even with kristen’s jaw firmly locked in defiance against human nature; a little something called physical attraction.

     mental attraction, as well.
          but, you certainly weren’t going to get them to admit that. 

   a moan was held in next, but it was clear as daylight that kristen had enjoyed the attention.  ’ why don’t we give that spy a show, as well? ‘  such a husk had appeared in the gladiator’s voice. kristen’s tone had changed more sudden then the first night they had jumped each other. the blonde’s hands slowly found their way to nicole. fingers almost delicately landing on the furyan’s shoulders, before fingertips glided to nicole’s uppers arms. hands wrapped around the woman, fingernails very nearly digging into skin. 

    the first and only time kristen’s been allowed to care. ignorance is bliss - but she didn’t realize just how much a prisoner she was to the gladiator show. a part of her knew she couldn’t get too close to scar, couldn’t allow the man to let her laugh, even with some stupid joke that consisted of: could have been worse. there could have been rats in there. kane and her brother might have took kristen’s best comrade off the team and probably to some compound where he’d simply waste away. 

     a mirthful smile did appear on kristen’s lips. at the same time her head tilted, giving nicole’s mouth even more access. that’s all this was, right. kristen just didn’t want to get dressed. not that she was enjoying the fact that heat was pooling at her groan and slowly escalating up her spine, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up straight. not from fear - but from a pleasure that was rare in nature, one that came with the lack of remembering how to breathe properly. 

     it came from arousal. 
        the fact that kristen - just like that - was completely turned on. 
     just as if that damned furyan knew exactly what her body wanted and what her mind craved. 

      the gladiator’s hands unwrapped from nicole’s arms to move down the slender, yet strong limbs. fingers expertly and tightly wrapped around nicole’s wrists. green eyes had closed, blacking out some dull, fake wood paneling on the little shack they were sheltered in. the blonde didn’t say a damned word, just moved nicole’s hands upward across her back, until the woman’s fingers were tracing a faded, old scar just below her shoulder blade. 

  —- You know you’re genuinely addicted, when the favorable pain is from your partner. Nicole was just dying for the gladiator’s nails to dig into her skin, break it and draw blood. Hell, the other night when the blonde left deep red welts on the Furyan’s back - Nicole swore that she could’ve came from that. There was also this haze that takes her over, and made every little touch feel so damn good. A foreign feeling, that’s what it is to her — but she certainly isn’t complaining. How could she? The assault from her mouth became slightly rougher with each passing memory from their encounters only serving to fuel the desire within her and heat pooled in between her own legs.

       Till a hard bite was left at the nape of Kristen’s neck; before her tongue firmly soothed over it.

            ‘ No. i certainly wouldn’t complain. ‘

Messy, yet heated kisses were trailed back up the length of Kristen’s neck and along the strong jaw, stopping right on the underside of the blonde’s chin. Where she left a surprisingly gentle kiss, the opposite of the bite she gave. She was aware of where Kristen was moving her hand though, and the little bump of the scar was felt against her fingertips. Curiosity rose, and she couldn’t help wonder how she came to gain that. No doubt it’s from the gladiator matches, but you never know. You just don’t assume anything about a stranger, till you know of their history and everything they have been through. There’s also the fact that facades exist.

Tilting her head back, dark eyes then flit up to her comrade’s face and watched intently. The way Kristen had her eyes shut and head tilted back just as well, suddenly a lump formed in her throat again. Her stomach twisted just as pleasantly and Nicole wanted nothing more than to pin the blonde underneath her; make her arch up into her own body deliciously and the little sounds. Who would’ve guessed that Nicole’s more of an auditory type. Then again, only the sounds that Kristen makes seems to spur her on in the best way possible. Everybody else’s talking just annoys her.

    But her gaze had taken on a questioning look; subtly asking the blonde at the same time she traced her fingertips over the scar. To emphasize what she was asking. That’s something else strange though, the way they communicate, half of the time - they’d only need to look at one other and confirm what they’re thinking. It’d be how they worked so well together in a battle.

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                                           ––; i’m an α η g ε ℓ with a shotgun

                                                [    fighting    ] til’ the wars won

                                       i don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.

                            i’ll throw away my ғαιтн, just to keep you [    s  α  ғ  ε    ]

     ❝  don't you know you're e v e r y t h i n g I have?  ❞
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