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   the softest of sounds came from kristen’s lips. somewhere in between a whimper of pain and a groan of surprise. there was a certain ache in her chest, like certain happiness just happened to turn into anxiety. like kristen durus had a level. she let him nudge, but she had to pull her head away. she didn’t move far, she knew as well as nicole if she left in this moment, she’d end up doing something reckless and dangerous. she’d must rather have nicole take her over. chin rested on his shoulder, heart beating a mile a minute. just give her a second and she’ll collect her shit      ———-

                                in which she did, hands suddenly tangled in his hair, yet again. tugging him into another fierce kiss, in which lips were suddenly tingling. like they ached from the last kisses. that was her return i love you. she could even feel her mouth dry up, tongue running across his bottom lip, begging for entrance, so she could drink his wine. most of her didn’t want to remove herself from him. 

               two parts of the whole would have been separated.

                    she did. she just didn’t go far. kristen braced herself by pushing against his shoulders, before she swung leg around, all with a small gasp, pulling herself off of him and slowly finding purchase on the shower floor. there was a mirthful smirk. body turned, almost gracefully. hips swayed. she was putting on a show for him, before hands planted against the tiled wall, letting the water soak her blonde hair. 

             ' ——    come here, angel. '   voice still slightly hoarse. weren’t they actually supposed to be getting clean.

   and that’s what nicole did, he let Kris pull her head back and rested his hands along her sides, slowly sliding down to her hips. a turn of his head, just so he could press a kiss to the side of hers. before he could rest his head against her shoulder, the pull on his hair made his stomach twist pleasantly. in anticipation again. god, this woman was the only one on this face of earth who could turn Nicole on in a way no one else ever could. not even the redheads. the taste of kristen was savored as much possible, as nicole ravished her mouth with his. besides the tingling sensation, the taste was what made it better.

       don’t go.

that was the single thought in his head, when Kristen moved and he bit back a groan of protest. it was like he had a need to be inside her again. but his attention was lured by the sway of his lover and his lips curled in a small but mirthful smirk. blues would take in every little scar, and every ripple of her muscles. her thighs, back and arms.

         he certainly didn’t miss a beat with the request, and moved without a word. behind kristen, he stood as close he could but their bodies barely touched - a light brush here and there. oh, maybe he was doing it on purpose. the only contact was his lips pressing to her shoulder, softly.

            getting clean? yeah, good luck with that.

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Okay, but…

Imagine getting some loving.

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  the more she rode him ; the more her body wanted to collapse. in fact, hands suddenly twitched and she found herself positively gripping him. arms ended up curling around his neck, body falling forward. she only held herself up slightly, but maybe it was on purpose, the way her lips fell just a breath away from his ear. another long moan escaped her lips, falling into nearly a high pitched scream at the end. that sound only lasted for merely a second, but it was there none the less. 

                it’s almost as if she couldn’t control the movement of her hips. toes curled even more. kristen could feel the arousal spiraling. there was a slow, burning feeling starting along her spine, rising in her groin. it felt like her body was tumbling over itself. she suddenly stopped. back arching even further. another moan escaped her lips, almost a whimper that time. there it was, the orgasm. she didn’t even notice when nails completely curled into nicole’s shoulders. that probably would have hurt if they weren’t cut so damn low. 

           hips moved the second she started coming down, to make it last. fingers uncurled, sliding over his shoulders, palm resting on his chest. it was like she didn’t want to unlatch herself from him. in fact, all senses came back to her and green eyes flicked open - just to stare at the wall. for a second, not that nicole could see, there was remorse in them. 

      it should be fucking illegal to be this attached to someone. 
                she almost felt like it was wrong
            &, a part of her wanted to shove him away, head out the door and grab a nice beer to settle down with the rest of the night, but the rest of her was still incredibly sensitive. she could feel it in the way her walls were just starting to loosen around him. yet, even the littlest of movements conjured up goosebumps along her skin. her breathing was just starting to calm,

                                    but, god, did she love him.
                                               not that she’d ever tell nicole. 

  with how tight his grip on her was, there might be faint traces of bruises later on - but neither of them certainly didn’t give a damn. he only gave a damn about how raw this really felt, every single emotion that Kristen showed him and throwing him headfirst into that sweet bliss with her. the rougher he became with her, the more he was losing himself - till he held his breath; to be as quiet he could. even with the difficulty to breathe, he didn’t want to miss a single sound from Kristen. he gasped faintly, because he could sense her near to the edge. just the way she lost control over her hips and the tightening around him. a deep breath was taken, when arms wrapped around his neck and prompted him to bury his face in her neck again.

       hands then loosened from her waist and flattened against skin; where they roamed up along her ribs. sides of her breasts. without the pull of his hands, his hips did most the pushing now - driving in as deep he could. didn’t stop, let alone slowing down - till when she finally teetered over the edge, his arms wrapped tightly around her mid-section.

a deep groan, bordering on a moan rumbled in his chest - but it came muffled because his mouth clamped down at the nape of her neck, hard enough to break skin slightly. his hips didn’t stop moving, because the intense need for his own release burned - forced him to keep pushing, slow but firmly even through her orgasm. a few more pushes, along with that moan and whimper from her was all he needed to shatter. his hips slowed, before they were still - while he shuddered in pure bliss.

  those little sways of his hips in the aftermath, were reactions - he could feel it, every little reactions due to being extremely sensitive. he was still for a moment then, simply holding the woman Nicole loved with everything that the gunslinger was and came to be. even that little girl from their horrid past together. he still had the urge to keep going, still hungry for her and to make her writhe; but for now - he knew that she just needed to be held. with a somewhat shaky sigh, his arms moved and hands slowly traced up her arms, shoulders then framing along her neck and jaw. forehead pressed to hers and his nose nudged against hers lightly, while he slowly caught his breath.

                 Я люблю тебя. — barely a whisper; that could’ve gone by unheard. but they were close enough, and only kristen would hear it anyway.

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   ah. each bite. each kiss only sent an electrifying chill through kristen. chills followed his touch. goosebumps appearing on skin again. oddly, with the arousal and need to be released, kristen stayed exactly where he just placed her. head even tilted back, the lowest of moans escaping lips. longer, deeper. just like she couldn’t handle it. isn’t that what a moan is? green eyes shut. one hand gripping his shoulder, nails biting into skin, yet again. her free hand was on the back of his neck, fingers even playing with the bottom of his hair. keeping him in place. his mouth in place, more importantly. 

                                 toes curled just behind him. the moan turning back into harsh breathing. her own fingers moving up and down on her clitoris - in which, she hit a certain spot and quick, high pitched moan of a sound escaped her lips. 

                 ’ ——   fuck. nicole. ’   maybe it was just an odd need to say his name, but either way kristen’s voice was absolutely raw. hoarse, even. hips started bouncing. oh god, did she need more before it felt like she was going to implode. fingers suddenly jumped, curling around the back of his head and tugging him away, both hands moved to shove at his chest, pushing him backwards. 

                           kristen smiled. a completely mirthful smile, green eyes found blue, darker then their normal color. that wasn’t just some smirk, that was a smile. hands stayed planted on his bare, toned chest, fingernails slightly curling into skin. back arched forward ; small breasts on complete display. hips continued to bounce up and down - but this time, she was riding the man. up, down, then forward and repeat, fast and purposeful. 

   his nerves were on fire just as well — every little touch, curl and caress of Kristen’s fingers on him. even the little grips, they’d attack the nerves with a jolt of arousal. who would’ve thought those combined with the divine feeling of being inside Kristen as her walls tightened around him with each intrusion - would be so maddening where release was needed more than a starved man’s needs. but he wouldn’t dare give in to that release yet, she came first before him and he was going to make sure she feels sore by morning. he’s going to make sure her legs are shaking; that she cannot move at all after he’s done. pretty damn good thing he had more than enough stamina to completely wreck Kristen; benefits of living a hard life.

        his eyes shut tightly at the hoarse moan of his name that seemed to line up perfectly with the clench of her around him; and at that - he ground his hips into hers forcibly, to stroke her inner walls and those spots just right.

a sharp inhale came at the shove, and he leaned back to oblige - glazed blues took in the sight of that smile. his heart stuttered pretty hard then, and he felt a pleasant weight that was warm, pressing down on his chest. flicking his tongue along his own bottom lip, the fingers in Kristen’s hair uncurled and slid down her shoulderblade - to join the other hand on her waist; on the other side. his breath would hitch, along with skip of his heart at each bounce and his jaw clenched tight; to hold in a moan.

   only kristen would be able to see everything in his eyes right then. adoration, desire and love - especially with how he watched her hungrily. he couldn’t resist the need to lean forward and bite down on the neglected nipple. it was hard, but not enough to inflict serious harm - it wasn’t possible anyway, not with how his tongue flicked across the nipple. his hands squeezed once on kristen’s sides as the pressure coiled tightly in his groin, and stomach.

       with a tight grip of his hands, he assisted kristen in her ride - only by pulling her down into him roughly each time she moved back.

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   a long, higher pitched groan escaped kristen’s lips at the second time nicole entered her. very close to a moan - it was evident she was losing herself, but in the most blissful of was. nicole could own her any day. she enjoyed forgetting about the past ; the future. it was only this moment and a certain happiness that made her heart sear. fingernails ran the length of his back, light red marks were given. a marked trail on each side of his spine. there was a smirk against his hair. face being buried. with the lack of breathing, kristen positively felt like she needed to be latched onto him or she wouldn’t survive. 

                                     there was a certain torment in the slow pace, though. a part of her did want to take her time. feel every single second. the way he filled her up. incredibly intoxicating. he was hitting every spot that needed to be hit, walls squeezing around him, like she was trying to take in all of him. she wasn’t nearly as patient as him. maybe she should hold on longer, but kristen just wanted an orgasm to leave her shaking. she wanted that white bliss that cut everything out in the world. most of all, she wanted nicole to destroy her. 

                one arm draped more freely around nicole, while the other hand snuck around. two of her own fingers pressed against her clit, starting a slow rubbing motion, while her hips started a slow bouncing rhythm. slow. she was going to try to be patient. even kristen realizes that making this moment last for eternity was a damned good thing. it was pure bliss and she’d much rather die like this, then never experience nicole like she should. 

       nose nudged against nicole’s temple, which was nearly such a sensual motion for kristen durus. in all honesty, a part of her was trying to get as close as fucking possible. just to feel him however she could. between the stroking of her own fingers and the way they suddenly collided, another long groan escaped her lips. 

    that makes two of them —- Nicole needed to have Kristen close. Against him and wrapped around him, because each time he pulled back out - he almost felt empty. the rake of nails made him buck, prompting him to drive his hips into hers roughly with a sharp inhale, forehead resting against her shoulder - but oh, that was nothing compared to what he saw next. the sight of kristen touching herself, Nicole found it intoxicating. It was very fucking erotic. swallowing thickly, his blues were fixated on the fingers manipulating herself and if it was possible; he was turned on about ten times. now there was that shuddering sigh, taking it’s escape from him and he bit down on the skin of the area above a breast. hard - before soothing over it with his tongue.

     his pace did change slightly; now driving up into her with each downward movement of her hips more firmly. his mouth just seemed to have an attachment to Kristen’s neck, as it attacked the length of her neck with open-mouth kisses and nips that left red marks.

             —— that groan. more, please.

  with a sudden thought of how to pull another lovely sound from his lover; he moved them away from the wall and turned to settle on the seat - that matched the tiled wall. the arm wrapped around the slender waist moved, his palm flush against skin and traveled up her spine slowly as he picked up the rocking again. fingers found the wet blonde hair again and gripped on it; to pull her head back suddenly. basically, she was forcing kristen’s upperbody to lean back. lips curled again into a mirthful smirk as eyes drank in the sight of Kristen arched back perfectly. his forearm across her back was the only thing that supported her up, while his other hand wandered.

   fingertips trailed over skin sensually, down the hipbone and along her thigh; before retracing back up with his palm. that’s when fingers curled onto kristen’s waist in a grip and as he dipped his head down to wrap his mouth around a nipple to play with it - he gave a few forceful thrusts of his hips before returning to their previous pace.

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   that’s all it took. his voice. kristen actually had to inhale, she forgot how to breathe. it was the anticipation. the accent sent a slither of chills down her spine. the warm shower wall counteracted with the chills and kristen’s chest heaved. forget about breathing, apparently. head turned and it wasn’t even on purpose, but the moment nicole entered her, a harsh gasp escaped kristen’s lips. right above his ear. kristen didn’t even have time to think about hiding the noise. the gasp and the moan even came nearly at the same time. it may have been constituted as beautiful, if kristen had ever taken the time to really taken the time out to care about such matters. 
                her hips would have instantly careened into his, had it not been for their position. kristen durus actually had to bite her bottom lip to stop the whimper from escaping her lips. both hands wrapped around his shoulders. fingernails biting skin. her nose still in his hair, harsh breathing incredibly evident for her mouth was still poised over his ear. she moved her body, trying her utmost hardest to rock into him. to gain some resemblance of friction to abate the searing heat that was in her groins. the intense need to be released. 

          she was his. there were no arguments to that.
                     the way her heart was fiercely beating to his tune. 
               kristen durus belonged to nicole existere. 

          hands moved. she needed something ; anything to abate this arousal. both of them threaded through his short hair before gripping. tugging his head backwards. her lips met his in a fierce and raw kiss. 

   Nicole was pretty sure — that she fully understood the struggles a man has now; especially with the one he’s head over heels in love with. then again, being in love wasn’t any different as a woman. but it’s just that incredible need; physically - to whether go slow, or mercilessly take her right at the moment. the love Nicole had, the actual person she is - his body gave in to that. he wished nothing more than to take his time, to feel her so thoroughly. in which he did, right when fingers in his hair tugged and an uncontrollable shiver tore down his spine - his hips moved once more, in the same grinding motion from moments ago. while being buried inside her deep. it was slow but deliberate, even as his mind spun from this perfect sensation.

his kiss was just as raw; harsh - with a bite at her bottom lip, before he tore his mouth away and trailed searing open-mouthed kisses down her throat. It was overwhelming, how tight Kristen was wrapped around him - everywhere, especially in the slick heat.

          weren’t they making love for the first time again? In a way. Then again, every time felt like the first. No matter where they were or how short or long they remained in each other’s arms till they had to part for the day - when they really don’t want to.

   in a surrender to the need, to tear more sounds from Kristen - it’s always the little things that spurs Nicole on. Always — an arm moved to wrap around Kristen’s waist securely. his other hand planted against the wall to push them away from the wall - enough for Kristen to move however she wants. that didn’t mean he wouldn’t return the favor though, slowly he pulled back out and his eyes fell shut. his heart definitely skipped a beat - maybe a few, when he slid back inside.

             slow, and easy —- for now; but with each pull and push in this set pace, Nicole could only fall deeper in the haze. his face had been buried back in Kristen’s neck; his uneven breathing could probably be felt right then.

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Title: This Is War
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This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars

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